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Banned Ad

Shame that this ad apparently got banned after only 1 week on air in the UK. You could interpret it in different ways though. Either it’s a gay couple or mum has turned into a NY deli chef. Whatever the intention it gets people talking so the objective must have been achieved.


Cool pic of an AT&T van

Cintra Wilson Visits Beretta

I’ll Take the Shiny One With Bang!
It was panting-hot the day I shopped for guns, so I ran into Nello, a sidewalk cafe on Madison, for a bottle of sparkling water. The thick cylinder of glass gave me an inkling I was about to get soaked, but even preclenched, I was unprepared for the bill to be $18.
Ordinarily I would flip the safety off my silver tongue and give the maître d’ a new air vent, but it stopped me cold. I wasn’t even appalled; I was tranquilized. Like a disastrous ticket from parking unawares in a handicapped Pope-only zone, this unwanted extravagance was a twist so novel as to be more a source of awe than upset; an existential dimension shift. I was forced to relocate myself on my inner GPS and to re-evaluate my entire contextual landscape in light of $18 bottles of water.
The Italian firm Fabbrica d’Armi P. Beretta S.p.A., or simply Beretta, has been run by the Beretta family ever since Bartolomeo Beretta began making hand-hammered muskets for the doge of Venice in the mid-1500s.
Although Beretta was granted another contract to provide M9 pistols to the United States military earlier this year, the company caters primarily to hunters. Wars come and go; the Berettas learned this lesson when orders from Napoleon’s army dried up after Waterloo.
Fetishists and Italians alike nurture a cultural tendency to idolize objects by making them ever more baroque. The Beretta store is an ornate, sentimental shrine devoted to the hunting-lodge aesthetic and the sport of shooting things. One step inside, dirty looks from the glass eyes of a riot of taxidermy tell you that you just lost all your friends at PETA.
His and Hers safari khakis and grouse-hunting tweeds reside on the first floor, as do Hapsburg linen suits and offerings from the Susanne von Dörmberg Country Classics line of pricey German tweeds (jacket, $975) — very Queen Elizabeth when worn with Wellingtons, an Hermès scarf and corgis. A hallowed display case contains Ernest Hemingway’s actual S03, the weapon he used for duck hunting in Venice and around Finca Vigía, his retreat in Cuba.
Hemingway is clearly Beretta’s man-god, the embodiment of the Beretta mystique. In thrall to the image of this hero of letters and adventure, Beretta provides all the equipment a would-be Hemingway needs. Zebra throw pillows ($350) go with zebra-hide ottomans ($6,500). Horned matter from a variety of beasts decorates pewter beer steins and magnifying glasses ($75). A leather Game Book records Shoot, Guns, Bag and Remarks ($185). For the man who hates ostriches, there are wallets, as well as large eggs on an ornamental chrome stand ($250).
Perusing the silverware and cocktail tumblers, I asked if Beretta had a bridal registry. The counterwoman was so nonplussed I was tempted to ask where they kept the weapons of feminine protection.
On the second floor there is small gallery of framed limited-edition paintings, such as “Devoted,” a tribute in oils to the dewy-eyed obedience of the noble Labrador retriever ($895); a grouse-hunting scene is also available for your home or hotel wall. The American Waterfowlers line on the second floor is distinctly butch: Indiana Jones hats, lots of Gore-Tex and leather straps.
On third floor: racks of rifles and shotguns (the store does not sell handguns on the premises), alongside black-and-white photos of handsome markswomen with dead cheetahs, and a photo of George H. W. Bush loading an SO6 EELL (Extra Extra Luxo Luxo) with members of the Masai.
“So, how do I buy a gun?” I asked Beretta’s affable master gunsmith, Ed Anderson. I was fantasizing about an Xtrema2, Max-4-camo-print 12-gauge to match my Xtrema Gear Decoy Gloves and Gear Bib with 18-inch overboot cover flange and high-back kidney warmers.
“For a rifle or shotgun, you’d have to go down to Kew Gardens, Queens, and get a permit.”
“What about a regular handgun?”
“You’d have to get a permit at One Police Plaza. Do you drive?”
To my dismay, I learned that even with a permit, one can’t take one’s rifle on the subway. Good news for the staff at Nello.
Mr. Anderson was a font of expertise and cautionary tales for the skeet shooter: “She was a very smart woman, a lawyer! I said, ‘Hey, you might not want to lay your gun down like that.’ She says, ‘But it’s only a target load.’ ”
He rolled his eyes — my cue to cluck my tongue.
“A target load will liquefy anything within range! I said: ‘Listen, the priest who died did exactly the same thing you just did. He shot himself in the ankle. He died because they couldn’t put the tourniquet on his leg fast enough and he bled to death.’ ”
Mr. Anderson opened a display case and showed me an obscenely terrific $130,000 shotgun with enough minute currency-style engraving to have previously belonged to Sir Walter Raleigh. Killing clay pigeons with quarter-million-dollar guns is apparently all the rage these days.
“All the guys on the front of the business pages are in shotgun clubs that cost $100,000 just to walk in the door,” Mr. Anderson explained. Enviable shooting is largely determined by the free time you can afford to devote to it, and customizations like the carving down of the walnut butt to minimize impact on your face during kickback.
It is a strange romance of conspicuous consumption that Beretta indulges, but rich guys apparently love dressing up like Ernest Hemingway and shooting things just as much as little girls love to wear tutus and dance around like prima ballerinas.
A champion marksman I know said he can shoot just fine with a $1,000 gun, but that’s beside the point. That $18 bottle of water hydrated me more than I ever thought possible. All about living the dream.

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Frozen Dog Treat Maker

Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker
Your dog will enjoy frosty fun in the sun when you freeze his dog treats and toys in a long-lickin' chunk of ice.
Bored dogs are often destructive dogs...digging in the garden, chewing on trees and plants, gnawing on decks or outdoor furniture. Now there's a clever way to keep your dog happily occupied outside...just use the Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker to freeze Fido's favorite play toys and dog treats in a block of ice; he'll be licking it throughout the day, just to get to the dog treats! Meanwhile the Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker will keep him busy for hours as it hydrates him and cools him down.
The Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker secures the iced dog treats to a metal platform, so your dog can't drag the ice block around the yard or into the house. The Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker Kit includes the 96-oz. reusable freezing bucket with snap-on lid, plus stainless steel reservoir tray that stakes into the ground. Recipes included.
Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker features:
Keeps your dog hydrated and busy at the same time
Serving platform keeps iced dog treats out of the dirt
Bone-shaped cap bar holds ice block in place
Deep water reservoir collects water as it melts

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Once again...The Family Winery

Penny and Frank work very hard to make the best Tempranillo I have ever tasted.

From the site:

At Coral Mustang we are a small ultrapremium wine producer with over twenty years experience in winemaking. Our practices are hands-on from vineyard to package, ensuring that every bottle has received our personal attention.

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What happens when the Ump makes too many bad calls?

For the IRS or those 'Special' work related expenses

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We'll miss you George

George Carlin died of heart failure Sunday night at the age of the 71.
Here are some clips

Not safe for work

Best Wheelchair DUI ever

by Mitch Martin

I am sure this guy isn’t the first person to be charged with a DUI while operating a motorized wheelchair but he has set the bar pretty high for anyone that is going to come behind him.
The Queensland (Australia) police found a 64-year-old man passed out in his motorized wheelchair on a freeway off ramp. When the cops gave him a breathalyzer he blew a .301 which is about six times over the legal limit. The man was reportedly trying to visit a buddy that lived about 14km (8.69 miles) and he was making most of the trip on the four lane freeway.
So six times the legal limit, 64 years old, motorized wheelchair and on the goddamn freeway. All this guy needed was a “Ta-Da!” at the end to cap off one hell of a performance. I would need at least a .301 BAC before putting a motorized wheelchair on a major freeway.

From my Brother the Veteran. Several tours in Iraq doing a job he STILL can't talk about. Pride, ladies and gentlemen. Pride.

This statue currently stands outside the Iraqi palace now home to the 4th Infantry division.
It will eventually be shipped home and put in the memorial museum in Fort Hood , TX
The statue was created by an Iraqi artist named Kalat, who for years was forced by Saddam Hussein to make the many hundreds of bronze busts of Saddam that dotted Baghdad ..
Kalat was so grateful for the Americans liberation of his country; He melted 3 of the heads of the fallen Saddams and made the statue as a memorial to the American soldiers and their fallen brothers.

Kalat worked on this memorial night and day for several months.
To the left of the kneeling soldier is a small Iraqi girl giving the soldier comfort as he mourns the loss of his comrade in arms.

Do you know why we don't hear about this in the news?
Because it is heart warming and praise worthy.
The media avoids it because it does not have the shocking effect that death and suffering have that the networks desperately need to sell advertising time. Time that costs Coke, Target and Budweiser millions of dollars a minute.

But we can do something about it.

We can pass this along to as many people as we can in honor of all our brave military who are making a difference.

We may not all agree on continuing the war but we can NEVER forget the man in the front--the boots on the ground--the blood on and in the soil of a strange country.

These men and women fight for freedom, for the family left at home and most importantly for the soldier fighting next to them.

They deserve our respect as well as our support and they have mine.

Better men than me they all are.

Thank you...

Counter argument to the Open Carry folks

Not my opinion and I don't agree but figured I'd since I'd posted the OpenCarry article that I'd post this too.

My 20-month-old nephew loves Elmo and Dora. He also has started making explosion and gunfire noises.
I get the inevitability of little boys' fascination with guns.
What I can't figure out are the men and sometimes women who don't grow out of the gun-crazy stage of childhood, who need to have a handgun on their hips at all times, who need their neighbors to notice.
Ten of them stormed the West Valley City Council meeting last week to back up Travis Deveraux, a 36-year-old credit card company worker, who was detained by police in December while exercising with his Smith & Wesson.
"I don't blame them for being a little bit extra careful," Deveraux said. "But there's a line they crossed between being a little bit careful and a little bit too careful."
I thought there was no such thing as "too careful" - especially with a gun. But the OpenCarry crowd's literal interpretation of the "right to bear arms" and self-appointment as our "well-regulated militia" undercuts careful law enforcement, membership in a civil society and even reason.
It's in the Constitution, their thinking goes. They are "peaceably going about their business while armed," standing on the watchtower, the last line of defense against government tyranny and crazed criminals. We should thank them.
I understand the thrill of firing a Glock (I've done it), the euphoria of hitting the center of a target (and that, too), generations of family deer-hunting weekends and the legitimate self-preservation instincts of Utah's elected concealed weapon carriers.
But the OpenCarry movement is a mystery to me. What kind of psychology - overcompensation, paranoia, antisocial personality - is behind that thinking?
Steven Gunn, an attorney and board member of the Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah, believes it's pure ego.
"We have inconsiderate boors walking around on the street carrying firearms openly," says Gunn. "I don't think they are truly afraid for their safety. Most of them are trying to make a statement about the Second Amendment."
Anthropologist Charles Springwood says open carriers are trying to "naturalize the presence of guns, which means that guns become ordinary, omnipresent and expected. Over time, the gun becomes a symbol of ordinary personhood."
OpenCarry.org, run by two Virginia gun lovers, claims 4,000 members nationwide. According to the Legal Community Against Violence in San Francisco, just seven states prohibit packing in public and eight restrict carrying handguns openly without a permit.
Utah's OpenCarry activists put on a show for the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago, trying to appear warm and fuzzy, shopping at Costco, just like you and me - but with their handguns flapping in the breeze. They meet once a month at restaurants like Denny's and Sweet Tomatoes to socialize.
"We don't want to show up and say, 'Hey, we're here, we're armed, get used to it,' " Kevin Jensen told the Times reporter.
But that's just what the showdown in West Valley City was about. The cowed mayor and City Council members referred the case to the officers' professional standards review board.
Police are struggling to strike a balance between gun owners' rights and those of the rest of us.
"There has to be some common sense on their part, too; they have to take into consideration the concern that they cause other citizens," says Layton Police Chief Terry Keefe. "I do not walk around when I'm off-duty with a weapon displayed."
Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank would rather gun owners get concealed weapon permits than carry openly.
"In light of Trolley Square, mall shootings, school shootings, anyone walking around with a gun potentially creates a lot of phone calls for us," Burbank says. "How do you expect an officer to deal with that - other than to point a gun at them and go through the process [of elimination]? There's no other way to make that determination safely without putting officers at risk."
Utah lawmakers set up this stalemate when they wrote the state's anything-goes concealed weapon law. They deliberately left open a loophole for those who carry their guns out in the open. Under Utah law, open carriers must be 18 years old and keep their bullets out of the chamber. That's it. No training, no background check required.
"Second Amendment questions aside," says Springwood, a professor at Illinois Wesleyan University, "the real debate seems to me a cultural and social one: Do we want a society in which it is an unconscious emblem of everyday life that folks move about with 'portable killing machines' strapped to their bodies?"
Legislators already have made that decision for us; we're living in the modern heart of the wild, wild West.

Her column

Don't ask just watch and scratch your head. I did.

Geek Chicks - how cool is that?!?!?!


It must be fantastic to be a famous 'car guy'. Leno can not only afford all the best toys but the manufacturers can't wait to give him the first one of everything cool. Everyone knows he is an uber-wrench head so when you see him in a Challenger or the new Vette it gives the car added credibility. I mean if Leno has one it MUST be pretty damn cool.

What a life.

Cool Ad

This was controversial and pulled by the company but I don't see the big deal. It just indicates what Mexico lost to the US in the war. I suppose Americans don't like to be reminded that this land once belonged to someone else. The reality of history can be an ugly thing get used to it history is happening all around us.

Love it!

Funny but ewww

Home made Scrump from Lilo and Stitch

Cool T-shirts

Squirrel Catapult...Sorry Michelle

A Chinese zoo is creating a singing wolf troupe - and is also planning to teach them how to dance.
Luo Yong, a keeper at Chongqing Wild Zoo, said he discovered the wolves' singing ability by accident, reports People's Daily.
"Once I was playing guitar and singing the song 'I Am A Wolf From The North', and a young wolf I raised walked up to me and stared at me. Suddenly he howled with the rhythm, and even patted the strings with his claw," he said.
Luo said that ever since he dedicated himself to training his wolf group, and now all 30 wolves at the zoo can sing along to a rhythm.
"My next plan is to find someone to write a song just for them.

WOW! I made it on my own blog...

We were having lunch at the Blue Agave in Pleasanton for Purna's b-day and were asked to be in a commercial. The result is amatuerish and grainy but the Margaritas were free so I am not going to complain.

Look for us at the end-they asked us to toast the camera with "Salud con Tequila ! !"
Of course I am in the center just looking fastastico.

Blue Agave

Free Star Wars book covers

I know my Sister is gonna love these


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