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How to get off with a warning...

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A keyboard and a .45

Dad stuff...

So, just a second ago I asked my daughter Aliera(3) and her friend Brianna(5) if they wanted some licorice. Ali loves licorice and I saw her eyes light up but Brianna said 'No'. A brief look of apprehension flashed across Ali's face and even though I KNEW she wanted some licorice--I could see it on her face--she said 'No' as well.

This is the first time I have seen her succomb to indirect peer pressure and forgo something she wanted in favor of fitting in with her friends.

Knowing that being bilingual creates some challenges for kids her age I asked Brianna again "Do you want some candy" (Jessica, Melissa, Michelle and the rest of you shut up ! ! ) and she immediately changed her mind.

After a moment of reflection I called Ali over and explained that if she has different feelings or needs than those of her friends she is still free to voice them. No one is going to like her any more or less because she wants licorice and sometimes people may not understand what being offered and that she should decide for herself.

Damn. The "Dad/Kid challenges" come at the weirdest times. I hope I am there at enough of the right times to recognize them and make a difference.

For Mr Tim...

A perfect 300 from professional bowler Jason Belmonte who uses both hands to bowl. "The ball can top 600 revolutions per minute, up to 17% more rotation than the nearest elite one-armed competitor and twice what some other top pros generate." Established bowlers apparently don't like him, opining that he hasn't properly earned his spots in tournaments and will likely burn out out due to injury.


So I was inspecting my sitemeter stats and noticed a weird trend.

3 government isps searched my page for posts for the same period of time.

Feb 11 2009 from 11:57 pm to 8:00 am.

Now the questions


Did someone in guv'mint see something cool and email the search string to friends in guv'mint?

Is the guv'mint after me?

What was so neat on the blog that day?

Why three such disparate agencies hitting the same period of time?

The first hit came out of http://ogdaa.blogspot.com/ (that evil heathen the Knuckle Draggin Wirecutter - he sicced em on me) Look out Wireman the Guv'mint is lookin at you.

If anyone has any thoughts I'd love to hear them and if one of you guv'mint folks want to fess up and keep me from holin' up in the bomb shelter with the canned goods that'd be OK too.

Building porn ! ! ! !

Oh my god...someone is going to jail.


For Melissa...


Home Depot here I come...


Holder Calls for New Assault Weapons Ban

from Snowflakes in Hell by Sebastian
According to MS-NBC:
At a press conference announcing the arrests, Holder also suggested that re-instituting a U.S. ban on the sale of assault weapons would help reduce the bloodshed in Mexico, where last year 6,000 people were killed in drug-related violence.
U.S. officials have a responsibility to make sure Mexican police “are not fighting substantial numbers of weapons, or fighting against AK-47s or other similar kinds of weapons that have been flowing to Mexico,” Holder said.
So we are going to lose our gun rights because our government can’t secure its borders, and the Mexican government can’t secure law and order and weed out corruption in its military, which is no doubt a large source of firearms for drug cartels.
Interestingly enough, it was not in his prepared remarks, so it must have been in a question. This is from the Administration, folks. Obama may be willing to burn political capital on this issue. Get ready.
UPDATE: Exact quote “As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons,” Mr. Holder said. “I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum.”
Remember 1994. That’s all I have to say. We’ll do it again. Don’t believe us? Try it.
UPDATE: Wayne LaPierre will make an appearance on Cam and Company in a few minutes to talk about this. Tune in to NRANews.com

Notice it's welded down...

Truth ! ! !

Marry her ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Too funny...

Personal Idosyncracies...preferences...problems...

Ketchup is spelled Ketchup not Catsup,
Leaf lettuce NOT shredded,
Ketchup cannot touch the tomato - it's redundant, pointless and cruel,
Mustard MUST be directly on the burger, dog, etc as it directly changes the flavor of the meat,
There is enough drama in life I don't need it on my TV - comedy or education only please,
Women are older, smarter or make more money than I,
Girls are younger or dumber than I,
Chicks are cute and fun to look at,
Ladies are best to converse with,
Hot Wheels are better than Matchbox,
Dodge is best,
Next is Plymouth,
Then Chevy, Ford, AMC,
Men know things about things,
Boys fight and flail about,
Lego's are cool,
Black Sabbath rules,
Iron Maiden is the music of my youth,
Star Trek beats Star Wars,
Bugs Bunny is the ONLY perfect cartoon,
Harleys are cool but I put 140,000 miles on my Honda V65 Sabre,
Ponytails add three points ! ! !
Smoking subtracts 4 points,
Body first then breasts and face,
Breasts first then body and face
Damnit just give me the breasts,
Chocolate is for girls, chicks ans women,
Raider fans scare me,
I don't care who is playing I just want GOOD football,
Baseball is better live, Football on TV and any Hockey is good Hockey,
Soccer is fun but Rugby is what it was meant to be,
No politician is trustworthy,
Spiderman, Batman, Superman -- in that order,
College is better than High School,
Brunettes have more variety and fewer flaws than Blondes and Redheads,
Freckles are the sexy,
Dogs are best,
Summer not winter,
Snow is for Eskimos,
The spicier the better,
Tamales are the perfect breakfast food,
Salad contains Iceberg lettuce,
Onions MUST be grilled,
Beef, Pork, Chicken - in that order,
I'd rather play than watch,
Guns are tools and kill fewer people than stupidity,
Eliminate prisons and just build a wall around Montana and toss the criminals over the wall,
Raze inner cities and spread the population back in to the land,
If your job allows you to telecommute you should be allowed by law,
Public transportation should be free to encourage the car-bound,

Just a small list I assure you.

What are yours?

Uh, damn ! ! !

A cross-channel investigation has been launched after two submarines carrying nuclear weapons – from the Royal and French navies – collided in the Atlantic. HMS Vanguard and Le Triomphant crashed on February 3 or 4, despite both vessels being equipped with sonar. The British submarine, which has a crew of 135, weighs nearly 16,000 tonnes and is 150m long, is one of Britain's four V-class subs under the Trident programme. Armed with 16 ballistic missiles, it is now believed to have been towed last night to Faslane, a nuclear submarine base in Scotland, with dents and scrapes to its hull. Its French counterpart was reportedly carrying a similar number of warheads, and also had around 130 crew on board. A senior Navy source was quoted as saying that the potential consequences of such a collision would be "unthinkable"."It’s very unlikely there would have been a nuclear explosion," the source said.

New in F1...

Looks interesting...

I tend to agree with the premise here. As a kid we had teeter totters, the metal push merry go rounds and other "hazardous" play ground structures as well as plain old free time to run off and create kid style mayhem. Those days are gone and I think kids are worse off due to the loss.

Now free online, No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society.

"No Fear argues that childhood is being undermined by the growth of risk aversion and its intrusion into every aspect of children’s lives. This restricts children’s play, limits their freedom of movement, corrodes their relationships with adults and constrains their exploration of physical, social and virtual worlds."The wife and I were speculating on what it must be like for kids today as opposed to how it was for our son. A great many of the drawings he made, either at school or brought from home, showed weapons, mainly guns, mostly ours. Nobody ever even said "boo" about any of them, twenty years ago.Hell, forty years ago, we kids would get together to go shooting by walking from town out to the nearby hills. Openly carrying our rifles, no one ever said anything, although once a cop asked what we were up to. Just asked, he didn't even bother to check our guns.Shooting everything from .22's to the occasional .38, no one cared. Today they'd probably sent a SWAT team after us.Sometimes I'd ride my bike to the range on the other side of town. Savage .22 bolt action rifle slung over my shoulder, nobody paid any attention to me. I bought that rifle, by myself, at the local sporting goods store. Often when I went to rent a big rifle, the range master would just hand it to me and wink.Later, in High School, I didn't join the rifle club because it was so unremarkable and boring. Pulled over driving out to an open range in my fathers Corvette one day, the officers asked if they could search the car and I let them. Not finding anything evil (like beer) and letting me go on my way, one of the officers complimented my dad's 1914 Enfield, which he also hadn't touched [Pop bought that rifle when he was still on active duty in the Navy (as war surplus) in 1945, for $10.00!].It's really amazing how much this country has changed, in my own experience and not for the better, in a remarkably short period of time.

From Ride fast and shoot straight

From Mr Tim...

How do you describe a meeting of Necrophiliacs?

A couple of friends getting together to crack open a cold one! ! ! !