Personal Idosyncracies...preferences...problems...

Ketchup is spelled Ketchup not Catsup,
Leaf lettuce NOT shredded,
Ketchup cannot touch the tomato - it's redundant, pointless and cruel,
Mustard MUST be directly on the burger, dog, etc as it directly changes the flavor of the meat,
There is enough drama in life I don't need it on my TV - comedy or education only please,
Women are older, smarter or make more money than I,
Girls are younger or dumber than I,
Chicks are cute and fun to look at,
Ladies are best to converse with,
Hot Wheels are better than Matchbox,
Dodge is best,
Next is Plymouth,
Then Chevy, Ford, AMC,
Men know things about things,
Boys fight and flail about,
Lego's are cool,
Black Sabbath rules,
Iron Maiden is the music of my youth,
Star Trek beats Star Wars,
Bugs Bunny is the ONLY perfect cartoon,
Harleys are cool but I put 140,000 miles on my Honda V65 Sabre,
Ponytails add three points ! ! !
Smoking subtracts 4 points,
Body first then breasts and face,
Breasts first then body and face
Damnit just give me the breasts,
Chocolate is for girls, chicks ans women,
Raider fans scare me,
I don't care who is playing I just want GOOD football,
Baseball is better live, Football on TV and any Hockey is good Hockey,
Soccer is fun but Rugby is what it was meant to be,
No politician is trustworthy,
Spiderman, Batman, Superman -- in that order,
College is better than High School,
Brunettes have more variety and fewer flaws than Blondes and Redheads,
Freckles are the sexy,
Dogs are best,
Summer not winter,
Snow is for Eskimos,
The spicier the better,
Tamales are the perfect breakfast food,
Salad contains Iceberg lettuce,
Onions MUST be grilled,
Beef, Pork, Chicken - in that order,
I'd rather play than watch,
Guns are tools and kill fewer people than stupidity,
Eliminate prisons and just build a wall around Montana and toss the criminals over the wall,
Raze inner cities and spread the population back in to the land,
If your job allows you to telecommute you should be allowed by law,
Public transportation should be free to encourage the car-bound,

Just a small list I assure you.

What are yours?

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Anonymous said...

Slow day at work honey? Next you know I will be seeing a bucket list with your name on it.