Stay or go, stay or go, stay or go, stay or go!?!?!

Authorities in Indiana Monday were investigating an incident in which a pilot crash-landed his ailing plane just after his load of skydivers got out safely.The small plane had 14 skydivers on board, including a pair of first-timers, when it developed engine trouble Sunday while flying near Greensburg, Ind., WISH-TV in Indianapolis reported. The plane descended from 7,000 to 5,000 feet where the pilot was able to level it off enough for the skydivers to jump out, sheriff's deputies said."Everybody was calm," Bob Dougherty, owner of Skydive Greensburg, told the station. "They exited the plane when they were told to. (The pilot) then proceeded to the north end and started his maneuvers to get the plane back down to the runway if possible."The plane flipped as it landed on the skydiving school's runway. The pilot was reportedly uninjured.

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Hey another Indy post. Must be my lucky week! - Michelle