Inaugural Post

Lately I have been creating a heap of email and even though it is loads of fun it is getting hard to keep up the output. The repetitive steps of deciding who the email is appropriate for and creating up to 40 emails a day is killing me.

I have decided to create a weblog and post the fun stuff once and let you decide what you want to have a look at.

I will keep the same funny and interesting content but since I am no longer filtering what is available to whom, I will leave it up to you to bypass the things that aren't safe for work (they will be noted as NSFW)

This is an experiment so feedback is requested.


Chanel's Owner said...

Hey! Look! The Najour's checked you out. Yes... the WIFE t-shirt. Not a great idea. Hugs & Kisses!

Andrew H said...

Cobweb site. No new content in 24 hours. The web master has absolutely no attention span. He would be better off - Hey! Let's go ride bikes!