Double Shot Liquor & Guns

In Schulenburg Texas.
From their website:

Double Shot Liquor & Guns is a unique woman owned business. Locally owned and operated. We opened our doors on April 1, 2008. We carry a large selection of liquor, wines, cigars, import/specialty beer as well as domestics.On the flip side of the liquor business is the incorporation of guns, hunting and fishing gear, ammunition, hunting accessories, deer stands, deer feeders, optics, gun cases, firearm safes and much more. You name it, we will find it for you. We do custom orders and we ship nationwide. Our policy is to try to meet or beat big city prices of which we have accomplished more times than not.
Next time I'm down that way I'll have to stop in and check this place out.
I wonder... In the Liberal mind, does the fact that this is a woman owned business offset the fact that she is selling ammo and tequila from a drive thru?

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Tattoo Jim said...

The truly liberal mind must be in an uproar over that!!! They wouldn't know whether to shit or go blind as my grand-daddy used to say.