I'm a pretty open guy but...

No. My girls will not be watching Hannah Montana.

Disney is manufacturing pop/movie stars and I think the end result is too old for their target audience. It seems like they are looking for wholesome attractive kids to appeal to the largest audience and at first it works. But then the kids work really hard to grow out of the image and in comes the sexy. Keep in mind I like sexy. Alot. I am sexy. However I don't think scantily clad Miley Cyrus or pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears are good models or idols for our children.

Disney should have fired Jamie Lynn and apologized to their viewers and Miley should have wardrobe restrictions in her performance contract.

Sports requires personal conduct clauses and I think that is a great idea.

Rant over.


Tattoo Jim said...

Yeah... kids grow up way too fast as it is! They don't need these "roll models" to help them along. Little girls are just that... little girls! Wait till they're out of high school at least!

Birdieguy said...

Not only this, but she's also a horrible singer!