Some of my favorite phone pix...

Sheelah with one trapped

Niece Misty chillin !!!

Niece Natalie getting ready for the sandman.

Nephew Noah the THUNDERCHUNK!!!

Aliera Selene and her bright blue eyes.

Brother Dave. I think he loves me.

Aliera and Aria getting ready for a book before bedtime.

Me, Yayyy!!! Damn. Line up your women.

Ali and Ari squaring off.

Her favorite thing in the whole universe.

Hanging in the pool.


Tea party with Ali


Tattoo Jim said...

Awesome pictures!!! Love the pffttfftf! picture the most though! Or maybe the tea party... maybe the most favorite thing in the world... damn! They're all great!

wirecutter said...

Cute kids and a good looking dog.
Your brother's ugly though....

VC said...

Ugly Brother Dave ! ! ! ! !