Too funny...

I was trying to call my bank to dispute a fee and forgot to dial the 800 number and just entered my bank account number. Some guy in Ohio answered and we had a very nice, albeit short, conversation. I appreciate that. When I misdial I always apologize and try to nice and when some one calls me by mistake I do the same.

Not all people are courteous and that irks me.

What does it cost to be nice? Nothing. But the rewards are infinite. Me and some unnamed dude in Ohio just hooked up in error and had a nice little chat. He has a story about how some fella in California has his phone number as a bank account and I know that if I make the same mistake that I can learn Ohio trivia and have a nice conversation.

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Kelly McCrady said...

I, too, try to be nice for wrong number callers. Misdialing is easy especially with so many area codes.

I once had to call the manager of a finance company to fix a computer entry error that docked me $600 over the course of 6 business days. Obvious key entry error (to me). He thanked me profusely for remaining calm. What purpose does ranting and raving serve for a computer error that is emminantly fixable? I thought his need to thank me was sad, poor guy.