Gotta get one of these for Grandma Anna

Chocomatic Chocolate Clock

The perfect solution for chocoholics that are trying to pace themselves.
This ingenious clock will deliver your chocolate each hour to sweeten you up and give you something to look forward to.
Just fill the Chocomatic Chocolate Clock with your favourite small chocolate and switch the clock to delivery mode.
Every hour the clock will chime and a single chocolate will be delivered through the little pink doors.
You've got a short while to grab it before it vanishes back inside the clock for an hour.
Ideal for dispensing small chocolate treats like maltesers or minstrels, the clock will hold 25-30 pieces and has a light sensor to prevent it opening in the dark.
Just in case the wait gets too much for you, there's a "cheat" button for early chocolate delivery.
An alarm will sound when you press it though, so everyone will know you're cheating.
The Chocomatic Chocolate Clock requires 3 AA batteries which are included in the box

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