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1966 Batmobile replica custom built on a 1976 Lincoln Towncar chassis (Vin #6Y81A 85784 6). Features include push button start, in-dash DVD player with motorized flip screen & AM/FM CD player, retractable Bat Chain Cutter, custom steering wheel, working Bat strobe, working compass, light-up Detect-A-Scope, working Bat Ray, aluminum dash, anti-theft under column shifter, static Hurst shifter, vintage Mustang seats, Batmobile floor mats, Radir Wheels with wheel bats mounted on BFG's, propane Bat Thruster, working headlights, taillights & turn signals, steal wheel wells (most Batmobiles have no wheel wells), & fiberglass body is mounted on a steal substructure securely mounted to the chassis.

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