DARTH MATER ! ! ! ! ! ! !

It's Halloween in Radiator Springs and Mater from Disney/Pixar's CARS has decided to make his own Darth Vader costume! Using found objects from the local junkyard, he has transformed himself into the not-so-terrifying villain Darth Mater!Created exclusively for CAAF's 2008 Dream Halloween auction, Darth Mater is a one-of-a-kind 1:9.5 scale model created by the design team at Mattel in close cooperation with John Lasseter and George Lucas. Armed with a light-up red lightsaber that pivots from his right front wheel both clockwise and counterclockwise, Darth Mater makes lightsaber and Darth Vader breathing sounds, plays the classic Star Wars "Imperial March" theme, and utters dialogue recorded by Larry the Cable Guy especially for the occasion with funny quotes such as "Luke, I'm your manufacturer!"Darth Mater comes on a custom-built 21.75" wide by 18.75" deep by 4.75" high base decorated like the floor of the Death Star with flashing LED lights synchronized with the sounds. The base includes two clear acrylic plaques, one with the Lucasfilm logo signed by Mr. Lucas and the other with the Disney/Pixar logo signed by Mr. Lasseter. Finally, the model is protected by a 21.75" wide by 18.75" deep by 14.25" high clear acrylic case. Apparently, you can find out how to attend the event or bid from home here. But I lost patience before I found that information.

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