What a DICK...

If I was that cop I would have walked around the truck and ticketed him for every little teensy violation I could have and then written him for parking and obstruction of justice.
I might even have had a drug dog come and search the truck and impounded it based on the dog's reaction for further search at the police station.

I hate those kind of tow truck drivers. They're predators and need to be wiped out.

Where's my R/C helicopter?

WILSONVILLE, Ore. – Neither a bloody face nor a deputy's plea could stop a tow-truck driver from doing what he's paid to do. The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said a Wilsonville woman fled her apartment Monday night after getting assaulted by her boyfriend. With blood running down her face, she got in her car and sped across the parking lot to her grandmother's place, where she called 911.
The 25-year-old provided a statement to the responding sheriff's deputy and then stepped outside to find her car getting towed. The tow driver would not leave the car without making the woman pay a "drop fee."
"I explained to the tow driver that the woman was the victim of domestic violence," Deputy Wes Hall told The Oregonian newspaper. "I told him there was no place to park, so she left the car with its four-way flashers going, because she was trying to get away."
The deputy's arguments failed to persuade.
The driver, who works on commissions, was completely within his rights to tow the car or charge a drop fee to leave it, said Charles White, general operations manager for Retriever Towing. The amount the woman paid has not been disclosed, but White said the fees run as high as $160.
White said Retriever is under contract to patrol the parking lots at the apartment complex, ensuing that fire lanes and emergency-access routes remain unobstructed. "The deputy has no right to tell him to drop the car without charging a fee," he said.
Deputies arrested the woman's boyfriend on an accusation of assault.

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